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Great Letter of the Famous Sculptor Gutzon Borglum on Art
Gutzon Borglum (USA, 1867 - 1941)

TLS, 1p, quarto, Mount Rushmore National Memorial Commission, Mount Rushmore, October 24, 1934. To Rose T. Marucci in answer to her letter asking Borglum his definition of art talent. He writes in part, giving his views on modern art: "I don't suppose there's anybody on earth who knows less about art talent than I do, and that applies to all modern work. Especially when you read statements that Picasso has made that his eight year old boy could draw as well as he could. My public reply to that was that I didn't have the slightest doubt of it. He and his school, and the whole school of modern humbuggery is, at least, an evidence of what art talent is not...." Some slight water damage but still presentable


The First African American to Receive a Doctorate in Psychology from Columbia University
(Black Americana)Kenneth Clark (USA, 1914 - 2005)

TLS, 1p, 4to, Northside Center for Child Development, Inc, New York, September 15, 1955. To Dr.Andrew M.Burris.

Important letter from a pioneering black psychologist who, with his wife, extensively studied the damaging effects of racism and segregation to both black and white children. Reads in part, "It was good to receive your warm, kind and thoughtful letter about "Prejudice and Your Child". I was so moved by your approval of what I was trying g to do that I immediately called the publishers and read them the portion of the letter in which you described your difficulty in attempting to purchase a copy of the book and your question about New York reviewers. They insist that the book will be reviewed- that it cannot long be ignored. THey have sent me copies of reviews which have appeared in the Chattanooga Times, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor and other newspapers…they have described the book as a serious scholarly and calm appraisal of an important social problem…not one of the New York papers has yet reviewed it…It might be that the general American public is not ready to accept this approach to the problem of racial prejudice…"


Vintage Pen and Ink Drawing of Rex Morgan, M.D.
Tony DiPreta (USA, 1921 - 2010)

Pen and ink drawing of a full head, Rex Morgan, M.D., signed, "Tony Dipreta", the famous cartoon artist who hit his peak in the thirties and forties. Also inscribed, "Happy Birthday and Best Wishes! Rex Morgan, M.D."


Former First Lady Mamie Eisenhower Sends Thanks for a Present
Mamie Geneva Dowd Eisenhower (USA, 1896 - 1979)

TLS, 1p, 8vo, Gettysburg, Pa, November 5, 1971. to Master Bobby Colbert. Send thanks for the birthday wishes "with the pretty card and the lttle gold necklace with one pearl drop. Thank you for thinking of me and I am sure you must be a good fourth grade student..."


Herbert and Lou Henry Hoover on the Same Piece
Herbert Hoover (USA, 1874 - 1964)

Signatures of Herbert Clark Hoover and his wife, Lou Henry Hoover (1874-1944), hers applied under his on a Stanford University card.


President Hoover Writes a Letter to a New York City American Legion Post Praising World War I Veterans
Herbert Hoover (USA, 1874 - 1964)

TLS, as President, 1p, 4to,The White House, February 1, 1932. To Dr.Abraham Jablons, Grand Street Post No.1025, The American Legion, NYC. Sends a message to and American Legion post: "Please convey to the Grand Street Boys and their guests, the Disabled Veterans of the World War of the metropolitan area of New York, my cordial greetings in connection with the annual dinner. The occasion reflects the gratitude which all citizens feel for all time for their unselfish service to the country". Two file holes at the top, not affecting text.


Signature of Alfred Mordecai, Jr. as Secretary on a $1000 General Mortgage Bond of the Pennsylvania Canal Company in 1870
(Judaica) Alfred Mordecai, Jr. (USA, 1840 - 1920)

DS, 1p, folio, Pennsylvania, July 1, 1870. Also signed by General Isaac Jone Wistar.

Alfred Mordecai, Jr. was the son of Major Alfred Mordecai, from a very prominent Philadelphia Jewish family, graduating from West Point in June of 1861.He was active as assistant Adjutant-General during the defense of Washington in August of 1861 and participated in the Manassas Campaign and the Battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861. General Mordecai also taught mathematics for a while at West Point, and, during the Civil War held several other positions at USMA, as well as Superintendent and Commandant of the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts.

General Isaac Jones Wistar (1827-1905) signed this document as President of the Pennsylvania Canal Company; at the time he was Vice-president of Pennsylvania Railroad Company; Wistar founded the Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology at the University of Pennsylvania in 1892, and also served as Inspector of the Pennsylvania State Penitentiary, both located in Philadelphia. He also served as president of the Pennsylvania State Board of Charities, the American Philosophical Society, and the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.


Period Oval Bust Portrait of Lincoln on a CDV
Abraham Lincoln (USA, 1809 - 1865)

Oval bust portrait of Abraham Lincoln, circa 1864-66, on a carte-de-visite. No imprint.


Pair of Lincoln and Johnson Portrait Cards
Abraham Lincoln (USA, 1809 - 1865)

Two handsome printed cards, about the size of CDV's, with portraits of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Each card gives information about the President- birth and death, and Presidential dates. Probably from a larger set, circa 1910.


An Original Business Card of J.P.Morgan
John Pierpont Morgan (USA, 1837 - 1913)

A small card on which is printed, "Mr.J.Pierpont Morgan / 219 Madison Avenue". The address is probably where the Morgan Library is now located. This tiny relic of a giant financier comes from the estate of one of his assistants.

Morgan made so many enormous deals in his life that it would be impossible to list them all, dominating the American financial scene for decades. He merged Edison General Electric with Thomson-Houston Electric Company to form General Electric (1892) and led a coalition of bankers and other financiers that stopped the panic of 1907. He also was involved in the merger of Carnegie Steel and several other steel companies to form the United States Steel Corporation. His personal collection of art, books, and manuscripts is unequalled.


White House Card Signed by Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt (USA, 1881 - 1962)

Scarce White House card signed by Eleanor Roosevelt, who had the longest tenure as First Lady.


Ex-President William Howard Taft Signs a Certificate of Membership in the University Club of DC as "President"
William Howard Taft (USA, 1857 - 1930)

President, Supreme Court Justice, etc. Printed DS, 1p, 4to, [Washington, DC], n.d. Scarce document signed by Taft as President of the University Club of DC, in blank. What makes this interesting is that Taft, a former President of the United States, is signing a document as a different kind of "President"!


Truman Signs a Letter in the Last year of his Life
Harry S Truman (USA, 1884 - 1972)

President. TLS, 1p, 4to, Independence, Missouri, January 11, 1972. Sends a signed photograph (not enclosed); signed with his shaky aged signature.


A letter from Samuel Yellin Defining "Art Talent"
Samuel Yellin (USA, 1885 - 1940)

TLS, 1p, quarto, October 9, 1934, Philadelphia, PA. The most important ironwork artist in America writes to Miss Ruth Pearson answering her question about defining "art talent": "...I would like to point out that "Art Talent" is rather difficult to define. However, as close as I can come to it, my definition of "Art Talent" is ability to create (not invent) beauty in design and craftmanship, correctly expressed in the proper mediums. It iss very helpful tp commence work at an early age, and to be instructed under a master's tutlelage..."


First Day Cover Signed
Olaf Wieghorst (USA, 1899 - 1988)

A first day cover of the 1964 Charles Russell stamp, signed in full by Wieghorst, whose western painrtings have brought into six figures; with a hand printed quote about his paintings


Christmas Card Inscribed by Lin Yutang
Lin Yutang (China, 1895 - 1976)

A Christmas card printed by the China Institute in America inscribed and signed by the famous Chinese writer, philosopher, and inventor: "We are leaving for the Far East in January & will not be back too soon. It was nice to have known you. With warm regards, Mr. & Mrs. Lin Yutang". Circa 1965.

Lin's inventions included a toothbrush that dispensed toothpaste, and a Chinese character typewriter that greatly simplified the language.


The Author of the Volstead Act
Andrew John Volstead (USA, 1860 - 1947)

ANDREW VOLSTEAD. Typed Sentiment Signed "A J Volstead", 3 x5 inch card, Granite Falls, Minn. June 30, 1936. U.S. Representative from Minnesota for 10 terms (1903-1923) heading the House Judiciary Committee, Volstead authored the National Prohibition Act (also known as the Volstead Act), which was passed by Congress in 1919. The law prohibited the manufacture, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages.

He writes, "During an industrial depression hesitate to change old and tried forms of Government; such periods are not favorable to clear thinking and gives the selfseaking(sic) demagogue the vantage ground for destroying human liberty. All is not gold that glitters".