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Letters and Documents Signed by Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson (USA, 1743 - 1826)

We have owned some amazing letters including some as President talking about wine, slavery, the Louisiana Purchase, the Declaration and other important matters. Jefferson has always been a favorite and we want to buy more.

Letters and Documents of Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln (USA, 1809 - 1865)

We need anything in Lincoln, especially letters with important content, major historic documents like the Emancipation Proclamation and Thirteenth Amendment, checks, and free franks.

George Washington
George Washington (USA, 1732 - 1799)

We are avid buyers of anything important directly relating to George Washington. This would include letters, documents, life portraits (paintings, watercolors, drawings); items owned by Washington such as china, glass, jewelry, silver, and artifacts.

Miniature Portraits by Charles Willson Peale and Members of his Family
Charles Willson Peale (USA, 1741 - 1827)

Early American Type Coins
Mint of the United States (USA, 1792 - 1910)

We are interested in acquiring early American copper, silver and gold coins in mint state condition.