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Postal History
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George Washington Franks An Address Panel to Brigadier General George Weedon Less Than A Month Before Lord Cornwallis Surrendered At Yorktown
George Washington (USA, 1732 - 1799)

Address panel that bears original franking signature of George Washington, addressed in the hand of his aide-de-camp John Trumbull, to “Brig(adie)r General [George]Weedon, Glouster County.” General Weedon was ordered by Washington to attack Lord Banastre Tarleton and thus isolate Lord Cornwallis and his troops. Docketed by Weedon while in Williamsburg, VA, Sept. 29, 1781, less than a month before Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown.Strong signature of Washington


Perfect Little Homemade Confederate Cover From Yorkville, SC to Williams Mills, NC
Yorkville, South Caroina (USA, 1862 - 1864)

A perfect srike, "Yorkville S.C.MAR 18" cds fully ties a large four margined single of Confederate 10¢ light milky blue #2a, with left sheet margin on cover to "Williams Mills, NC. Extremely fine condition. Accompanied by a 1983 Philatelic Foundation Expertization certificate.


Rare Superb T-E-N Stamp Used on Cover Within Alabama in 1863
Pollard, Alabama (CSA, 1863 - 1863)

Yellow envelope bearing a rare Confederate 10¢ stamp known as the "T-E-N" variety, #9, with a near perfect strike of "Pollard Ala. JUN 25 1863" cds beautifully tying the stamp to the cover. Very rare as such.


An Apollo XII Insurance Cover Signed by Astronauts Charles Conrad, Dick Gordon, and Alan Bean
Kennedy Space Center, Florida (USA, 1969 - 1969)

Apollo XII "Insurance" cover bearing 10¢ U.S.#C76 tied by "Kennedy Space Center, FL Nov 14 A M 1969" to cacheted Yankee Clipper IntrepidType 1, showing sailing ship circling the moon. Signed by all three astronauts- Charles Conrad, Dick Gordon, and Alan Bean.Cancelled on the day of their flight.

These "Insurance" covers were originally made for the families of the astronauts starting with the Apollo XI mission who held them symbolically as insurance that the astronauts went on the mission. Somewhat scarce; it is estimated that there were not more than 1,500 issued.

A book dealer from Maryland has an Apollo XI cover in his latest list for $12,000!!!