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George Washington
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Superb George Washington Franked Leaf Addressed to Brigadier General George Weedon Less Than A Month Before The Surrender at Yorktown in 1781
George Washington (USA, 1732 - 1799)

Address panel that bears original franking signature of George Washington, addressed in the hand of his aide-de-camp John Trumbull, to “Brig(adie)r General [George]Weedon, Glouster County.” General Weedon was ordered by Washington to attack Lord Banastre Tarleton and thus isolate Lord Cornwallis and his troops. Docketed by Weedon while in Williamsburg, VA, Sept. 29, 1781, less than a month before Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown


Receipt From George Washington to John L.Mercer For a Quantity of Wheat for Mount Vernon
George Washington (USA, 1732 - 1799)

Autograph Document Signed (all in Washington's hand-about 60 words), one page oblong octavo,Mount Vernon, March 23, 1788. Unusual financial document in which Washington, having been away from Mount Vernon for much of the preceding few decades, was forced to buy grain from one of his neighbors.

This fine framed document reads: "Received from John L.Mercer Esq., In September last, Eighty-four Bush'l and three pecks of Wheat at four Shilling and ten pence p'r Bushel - and in Feb 7 last, one hundred and thirty Barrl's of corn at fifteen shillings and ten pence p'r Barrel which said sums are to be passed to his credit - Go WASHINGTON MOUNT VERNON/MARCH 23D 1788}"

JOHN F.MERCER (1759-1821) -He was a good friend of Washington and important to Virginia and Maryland history. -Virginia delegate to the Continental Congress, 1783-1784, then moved to Maryland. -Maryland delegate to Constitutional Convention in 1787 but was not a Signer - U.S.House of Representatives from Maryland, 1792-1794 -Governor of Maryland 1801-1803 -Corresponded extensively with Washington -Buried at his home, Cedar Park in West River, being perhaps the oldest surviving Maryland plantation

Underneath the matte is a presentation inscription from John F.Mercer's grandson, Richard Mercer (1823-1873) to "Mr.Latrobe" (John Hazlehurst Latrobe (1801-1891), important Baltimore writer, lawyer, and inventor) - "Presented to Mr.Latrobe with the complements of Mr.R.Mercer."


1776 George Washington Signature and Closing in the hand of Stephen Moylan
(George Washington) (USA, 1732 - 1799)

Signature, "Go Washington" preceded by the words, "I am Dear Sir, Yr most obt Servt, Go Washington". With the addition of two words in a postscript,"Troops" and "Southward". The entire piece was taken from a copy of a January 6, 1776 letter written to Nicholas Cooke from Cambridge and is in the hand of Washington's aide-de-camp, Stephen Moylan. My thanks to Bill Ferraro, Associate editor of the Papaers of George Washington and his assistant Elizabeth Higdon for their help in determining the source and handwriting of this piece. An inexpensive 1776 "signature" of Washington.